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TDTG series bucket elevator

TDTG series bucket elevator is specially used for continuous vertical conveying grain equipment, which occupies a small area, large conveying capacity and low power consumption. It is widely used in oil, feed, flour, starch, etc. industries. This series of bucket elevators is a new generation of bucket elevators produced according to the current situation of bucket elevators at home and abroad, combined with the advantages of digesting and absorbing congeneric products under national conditions. It can be widely used for vertical conveying various granular materials.

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TDTG series bucket elevator


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TDTG series bucket elevator

The prefabricated steel silo is referred to as the assembly silo. It is a kind of steel silo formed by punching a corrugated plate by mechanical rolling and molding, and then assembling it through a high-strength bolt connection with an electric torque wrench. The wall plate of the assembly silo is corrugated, and the plate is generally made of galvanized plate, whose thickness is usually 0.8 to 4.2mm, and the thickness of the silo wall can reach 8.4 mm. Most of the corrugated wall panels use the rolling process, which is mass-produced by a mechanical forming production line. The production line can automatically produce corrugated plates of various specifications. The advantages of the rolling method are that the wave shape is formed successively, the internal stress can be eliminated, the resilience is small, and the quality of the produced plate is better. Even thicker steel plates can be formed in sequence on the forming unit assembly line. In addition, the forming unit and supporting equipment such as uncoiler, leveling machine, conveying roller table and hydraulic fixed-length flying shear can directly process the coil into corrugated steel plate products with required specifications.


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