Corporate Culture




 Tianyi Mission: Make food storage safer.

Tianyi goal: to create a Tianyi brand and be a century-old enterprise.

Tianyi purpose: to set up an industry, customer first, win-win cooperation, and diversified development.

Tianyi spirit: the unity of nature and man, the development of warehousing, pioneering and innovative, and the benefit of society.

Tianyi concept: people-oriented, educate people with righteousness, treat people with sincerity, and develop business with faith.

Business principles: heavy management, heavy quality, heavy reputation, heavy commitment.

Business policy: market-oriented, technological innovation, quality assurance, customer service.

Quality policy: perform procedures, abide by standards, pay attention to details, and satisfy customers.

Talent policy: People make the best use of their talents, they can do their best, and they are meritocratic.