After-sales services


It works well.

The steel silo system and supporting equipment provided by Shandong Tianyi Steel Silo Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. are aimed at achieving good operating results. We are good at one-time successful manufacturing and barrier-free operation for a long time. Therefore, we promise you: the company will provide you with reasonable design solutions and equipment, and perfect project management to achieve this goal.

Good economic benefits

We care about your investment efficiency, and at the same time care more about your long-term operating costs and maintenance costs. We promise you: our products guarantee that your investment will be effectively returned, while enjoying low operating costs and low maintenance costs for a long time. Both of these can undoubtedly support you to maintain competitive advantages in the market and enhance the overall performance of your corporate image.

Excellent design

Economic benefits come from the design scheme. We have always been in line with the tenet of "setting up an industry, customer first, win-win cooperation, and diversified development." We tailor-made for you and design a solution that suits you. We promise you that our design engineers will use all their experience and rich professional knowledge to make a design solution that suits you.

Advanced technology application

In the field of steel silo and drying manufacturing, we have advanced computer-aided process design system and silo mechanism design technology, and always spare no effort to move forward in the direction of the industry's advanced technical level. Therefore, we promise you: what we provide you is the industry's advanced technology level products.

Strict project management

We have a modern professional engineering management system and a well-trained engineering installation team. So we promise you: your steel silo project will complete the engineering plan on time under strict control and ensure the quality of the project.

Client Server Timely

We will respond quickly to your request, and we promise you: our people are always there to support you. Provide global technical services on a local basis. Where our equipment is located, it will be closely contacted and paid attention to by a professional maintenance team at all times.

Customer training in place

The company not only has a group of senior professional trainers in the industry, but also has been implementing free training services for customers to provide equipment operation to ensure the safe operation of the equipment provided by the company and the steady realization of customer business goals.